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A last minute show pulling together bootlegs, cover versions, film music, samples and more, almost all with a crimblish theme! 58 mins // 53 mb // 128 kbps 01 "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" 02 "Lionel's Xmas Wrapping" :: Lionel Vinyl 03 "Fingerfukn The Waitresses" :: Mr Bland 04 "Silent Night" 05 "The Hebrew Hammer" 06 "Walk Out To Winter (DreamTime Mix v2.0)" :: Aztec Camera 07 "Fairy Tale Of New York" :: mr_hopkinson's computer 08 "Santa Claus" :: Throwing Muses 09 "Santa Claus You Cunt" :: Kevin Bloody Wilson 10 "Happy Hairy Hippy Harry Claus" :: Rocki Lane And The Gross Group 11 "Pet Shop Boys Christmas Record" :: Chris Morris 12 "Christmiscuous Rave Slut" :: DJ Engineer 13 "Linus And Lucy" :: Vince Guaraldi Trio 14 "Imagine Santa" :: DJ BC 15 "Last Christmas" :: Wax Audio
It's been a while... But here's the fourth podcast devoted to cover versions, reinterpretations and interpolations. As ever it's shoddily thrown together with the minimum of WIkipedia trawling, so don't get too irate if there are factual errors, it's only a larf, innit. 78 mins // 72 mb // 128 kbps 01 "The Revolution Will Be Televised" :: Mike Strutter & The Mother Fuckers 02 "Jump" :: Kid Carpet 03 "Baby I Got Your Money" :: the_audrey_3000 + mr_hopkinson's computer 04 "The Wanderer" :: Ted Chippington (see Frankosonic blog) » 3 Of A Kind (part 1) 05 "Iko Iko" :: Yayahoni (see Herman Düne) 06 "White Lines" :: Barefoot 07 "Bitches Ain't Shit" :: Ben Folds 08 "Gin And Juice" :: Dynamite Hack » Standard! 09 "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" :: Portsmouth Sinfonia 10 "Lucky" :: The String Quartet » It's Had A Remix 11 "Push It" :: DJ Donna Summer 12 "No Limit" :: Charta 77 & Köttgrottorna 13 "Oops! ...I Did It Again" :: Richard Thompson 14 "How Soon Is Now?" :: t.A.T.u. » 3 Of A Kind (part 2) 15 "Iko Iko" :: Glass Candy 16 "Ça Plane Pour Moi" :: The Presidents Of The United States Of America 17 "Pump It Up" :: Mudhoney 18 "My Sharona" :: Eldritch » In The Beginning 19 "Cramp Your Style" :: All The People 20 "Pennyroyal Tea" :: Kristin Hersh » 3 Of A Kind (part 3) 21 "Iko Iko" :: The Dixie Cups 22 "Nothing Compares 2 U" :: George White Group Also available at the UnderCover podcast page
The inaugural episode of BeyondHipHop, my new podcast dedicated to beats, bass, rhymes and vibes, touching on everything from 2step to zydeco, and all points in between. This first show eases into it, with some pretty well known tracks and artists interspersed with more low key artists, MySpace finds, remixes and, naturally, some Bristol stuff you might not have heard previously. Please do let me know if there's stuff you want to hear in future shows, or just to give feedback - either comment here on podOmatic, or email me at BeyondHipHop@yahoo.co.uk Churrs muchly! 76 mins // 70 mb // 128 kbps 01 "One (Screwed & Chopped)" :: Scarface 02 "Hip Hop (DFRNT* Dubmix)" :: Dead Prez 03 "Baby Come On" :: Method Man feat Kardinal Offishall 04 "Speech Therapy" :: Fat Club 05 "Put In The Work" :: Skinnyman 06 "Open Minded" :: Geto Boys 07 "Do It" :: Necro** 08 "Pimp Dem" :: Le Putassier Sound System 09 "More Power" :: Supersoul 10 "The Guppies" :: Mack 10 feat Ice Cube 11 "My Life (So Far)" :: The Souljah Clique feat DJ Loctite 12 "Play" :: Mobb Deep 13 "Salt Shaker" :: Ying Yang Twins 14 "Dog Tribe" :: Fun-Da-Mental*** 15 "Colors (ARD/SAFE Electro Glitch Mix)" :: Ice T 16 "Prototype" :: Overlord X (see also Heroes Of UK Hip Hop for exclusive mp3s!) 17 "Coolie Dance Riddim (Flipflava Mix)" :: Pitbull feat Lil Jon, Twista, Elephant Man & Youngbloodz 18 "Craziest" :: Naughty By Nature 19 "Ghetto Heartbeat" :: Gunshot (see Heroes Of UK Hip Hop for exclusive mp3s!) *DFRNT is the dubstep hat of top Scots bootlegger Alex C, who also knocks out BBS-recommended podcast The Audiofile with his brother Dunk (with a 'k') **See Hijack // Bristol Music Culture forum for info on possible Bristol show ***I think on the podcast I said that the 'Seize The Time' album came out in 1995... It didn't, it was 1994. Oops. Also available at the BeyondHipHop podcast page
Just a quickie bringing together music representing different facets of Englishness and modern British life, because I was watching Battle Of Britain the other night, and it seemed like a fun idea at the time. I think it's a fairly good film rather than a great one (there's a rather pedestrian romantic subplot which gets in the way), and in some respects Ron Goodwin's martial score does suit it. But it's the original William Walton soundtrack, remnants of which play out over the climactic dogfight sequence, that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end... Swirling, terrifying, peaking, fading, and underpinning a largely silent montage of the gruesome horror of war, in which ambient sound effects occasionally smash their way through the dialogueless ballet to remind you of the burning flesh, the panic, the metal coffins dropping out of the sky, the blood-blinded young men... It's a piece of film music up there with the best of Bernard Herrmann as the sort of evocative, emotive gut-stirring tuneage which actually adds to the moving pictures up there on the screen, rather than distracting and breaking the spell. Anyhoo, the BOB bits serve to bookend and provide a bridge between a bunch of disparate tunes which (to me) say something about Englishness - complaining, stoic, weather-obsessed, tea-drinking, romantic, piss-taking, perfectionist, pragmatic, small-minded, big-hearted, toilet humoured, rumour mongering, sceptical, credulous, hardworking, blagging, boastful, self-effacing, parochial, peerlessly accepting... The worst England has to offer is just the best on a bad day. It was probably raining. 73 mins // 67 mb // 128 kbps 01 “A Call To Arms” :: Robin Of Sherwood 02 “Battle Of Britain (Main Theme)” :: Ron Goodwin (Battle Of Britain) 03 “A Prayer For England” :: Massive Attack 04 “Oh England My Lionheart” :: Kate Bush 05 “Smalltown England” :: New Model Army 06 “England My Home” :: The Levellers 07 “England’s Finest” :: Pop Will Eat Itself 08 “Good Morning Britain” :: Aztec Camera 09 “England” :: Carter USM 10 “The Battle In The Air” :: William Walton (Battle Of Britain) 11 “Rags To Rags” :: Humurak D Gritty 12 “I’ll Be Surprised” :: Skinnyman 13 “Witness The Pitness” :: MC Pitman 14 “It’s Happenin’ In England” :: Blak Twang 15 “Correct English Remix” :: Aspects & Taskforce 16 “The English Patient” :: Gunshot 17 “Sailing By” :: Skim 18 “Little Britain” :: Dreadzone 19 “Agricultural Ardkore” :: Shitmat 20 “My England” :: Lady Sovereign 21 “Fuck The Millennium” :: 2K 22 “Battle Of Britain (End Theme)” :: Ron Goodwin (Battle Of Britain) Also available at The KRS MooSick Show podcast page
'Back From The Rave' It's been ages since I last did a podcast - a lot has changed since then; two broken hearts, a lot of frankly rather unpleasant soul searching, unhappiness, misery, loneliness, being ignored, fobbed off, feeling left behind, a crisis of self, all the usual really ;) - but hopefully this doesn't come across in BBS#10. It's just an hour-long ravey bootleg mix, with no talky bits as I have a cold and when I speak my ears ring, and not in a nice way. Anyway, as ever, all the good bits are due to the artists used, all the crappy bits are down to me and my hamfisting of Audacity... Tracklisting: 01 "Intro + You Know What Time It Is" :: The Outlaws 02 "Mr Kirk's Higher State" :: DJ RudeIntruder 03 "Standing In The Way Of Felix (No Friends Mix)" :: Dunproofin' 04 "Cold As Ice (Hold It Mash Up)" :: ERS1 aka DJ Magneto 05 "The Barman" :: 10000 Spoons 06 "M.I.Ardkore" :: Fudge Tools 07 "Bonde Do Inssomniako" :: 10000 Spoons 08 "I Feel Higher" :: The Outlaws 09 "Mandela Is Dead" :: World Famous Audio Hacker 10 "Handbag Boys" :: 10000 Spoons 11 "Tainted (Trip To Trumpton Mash Up Bwoy)" :: ERS1 aka DJ Magneto 12 "Sweet Killers" :: 10000 Spoons 13 "Let Me Be Outta Space" :: Icky 14 "Ardkore Outkast" :: Dunproofin' 15 "The Beloved Eindmix-02" :: (Unknown) If you want to find more bootlegs, mashup music, bastard pop or whatever else you choose to call it, check out the links on my Boot.List page 8) PS Sorry for the maudlin opening, s'just good to get it off your chest sometimes :)
Just a quick mention of all the tweaking and improvements we've been putting into the suite of internetz funnin' known as The Coolest Thing Ever... As well as putting together podcasts and wasting time on a bulleting board, the good burghers of TCTE have now cobbled together a 5 elementz empire - CoolestEverLand - comprising of: >> CoolestBlog :: a blog full of totally nagasaki stuff, plus our improved podcast feed! >> CoolestForum :: still the best bulleting in town! >> CoolestGallery :: 101% arts, crafts and f'tography aceness! >> CoolestRadio :: our latest, greatest & sometimes satanist radio shows! >> CoolestWiki :: a font of fonzification, the world of cool explained! And besides the 5 elementz... >> CoolestMySpace :: for the spazztastic joys of friend thieving! So, feel feel to swing by, either via any of the direct links above, or through the front door: TheCoolestThingEver TESTIFY! =================================================================== New casters on the TCRE Podcast Network include: The Button :: acoustic guitar shenanigans Vinni :: top soundtrack music DJ not-i :: hiphop, Latino rock & reggaeton Sly :: Donkey Wrangler To The Stars Juxtaposeur :: breakcore and mental junglism New shows include: TagTeam Challenge :: ADHD genre-swapping contest across 8 segments! The Best Of TCRE Monthly :: obviously not monthly, that would be too obvious SoundClash Challenge :: our musical duel show Plus new ideas being developed all the time! ===================================================================
The race to beat the autodestruct is on - the ship blows up in just eighty minutes; who shall make it to the one-seat escape pod first, two-times champion Bristle or scurvy space stowaway Breem? BristleKRS vs Tangerinebreem (Tangerinebreem won with 71%) 80 mins // 110 mb // 192 kbps ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Round 1 (BristleKRS) Tracklisting: 01 "Hunger (BKRS Tweak)" :: Katey Brooks 02 "Move You Run" :: Smith & Mighty feat Tammy Payne 03 "My Name Is Tallulah (BKRS Lazy Instrumental)" :: Paul Williams (from Bugsy Malone) 04 "King Of The Mountain" :: Kate Bush 05 "Blues In The Net" :: Yoko Kanno 06 "Alone (On Piano)" :: Colin Newman 07 "Uranus - The Musician" :: Isao Tomita 08 "Hideaway" :: Delacy Also contains elements from: "Infiltrate 202 (Altern8 Vs Asterix & Space Mix)" :: Altern8 Alien Aliens Croupier Elvis Potatoes - A Layman's Guide We're Off To Visit The Planets (drive-in movie theater intermission advert) BBC sound effects Random record scratches ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Round 2 (Tangerinebreem) Tracklisting: 01 "Life" :: Alternative TV 02 "Long Time Ago" :: Eek-A-Mouse 03 "Portugal (For The Record)" :: The Fall 04 "The Lurch" :: Two Lone Swordsmen 05 "Rising Above Bedlam" :: Jah Wobble 06 "Fabricoh" :: Archers Of Loaf ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Round 3 (BristleKRS) Tracklisting: 01 "Palestine Woman Imagines A Ball Of Confusion" :: Team9 02 "Battleflag :: Lo Fidelity Allstars 03 "Flippin' Off Whitey (ATOM's Tastycake Mix)" :: 3rd Bass 04 "Most Precious Love (Martin Solveig Re-Edit)" :: Blaze Presents Underground Dance Artists For Life feat Barbara Tucker 05 "Plug It In :: Basement Jaxx Also contains elements of: "Space Invaders" :: Bikeshed Alien Aliens Alien 3 Blood Simple (audio commentary) Chinatown Chopper Cock And Bull Columbo Firefly Star Wars The Shield The Untouchables ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Round 4 (Tangerinebreem) Tracklisting: 01 "Klan Entrance" :: Jerry Springer The Opera (Lee/Thomas) 02 A lovely bit of guitar I can't remember what it is! 03 "Lowdown" :: Wire 04 "It's Gonna Rain" :: Do Make Say Think 05 "Dammers Or Czukay?" :: Future Pilot AKA 06 "Roka" :: Calexico 07 "Dryspell" :: Aesop Rock 08 "Lights Out" :: Sonic Youth Also contains: The odd wee bit from Kes and a snippet from Waking Life ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Also available from TCRE SoundClash podcast page
**Apologies but this show is now offline due to capacity issues... However it is now available at Bristle's Garden Shed for anyone that still wants it**
'Cruising The Mean Streets Of Tunesville' Sorry this one’s been so late in the pipeline - I have bags of excuses, none of which you’ll be interested in (a short sample: “It was Christmas and I was busy”; “I had a cold”; “I needed to pack for the wedding” etc) but anyway, here it is - some you’ll recognise, some you may not, but hopefully a fair few you actually like. As ever, let me know if there’s any cover versions you particularly want to hear. Remember - keep it mufti... 83 mins // 76 mb // 128 kbps 01 “2001 A Space Odyssey” :: The New Ted Underhill Organ Express (see Sons Of Muttley on MySpace) 02 “Terry’s Fork” :: The Who Boys 03 “Cars” :: Shampoo » 3 Of A Kind (part 1) 04 “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” :: Gladys Knight And The Pips 05 “Sex Machine” :: Flying Lizards 06 “Rape Me” :: Richard Cheese 07 “Jolene” :: Susanna And The Magical Orchestra » Standard! 08 “Ring My Bell” :: Tori Amos 09 “Those Were The Days My Friend” :: Leningrad Cowboys 10 “The Show Must Go On” :: Chris Holm 11 “Doctor Who (Jah Humphrey Dub Mix)” :: Smerins Anti-Social Club » 3 Of A Kind (part 2) 12 “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” :: The Flying Pickets 13 “Jesus Walks” :: Hobbit » In The Beginning 14 “Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)” :: Steam 15 “There Must Be An Angel” :: Fantastic Plastic Machine 16 “Black Betty” :: Nick Cave » It’s Had A Remix 17 “Somebody’s Watching Me (ATOM’s Infrared Pickup Mix)” :: Rockwell 18 “Loving You Is Easy” :: The Charlatans » 3 Of A Kind (part 3) 19 “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” :: The Slits 20 “Cinderella Rockefella” :: Rogério Duprat & Os Mutantes 21 “Goldfinger” :: The New Ted Underhill Organ Express (see Sons Of Muttley on MySpace) Also available at UnderCover podcast page
Rather rough around the edges, but I'm no DJ, chum! I had fun putting it together, though, even if it did seem to take several lifetimes to do. If anyone knows of any othe similar podcasts, mixing in music and speech from films, telly, radio etc, please let me know! If I can listen to someone else doing it (and someone who actually has teh sk1llz) then I won't have to faff around amusing myself... Anyway, hope you enjoy some of the source material if not the hamfisted short-order chefistry I applied to it. 78 mins // 72 mb // 128 kbps Musical tracklisting: 01 “Snapper” :: Red Snapper 02 “Blue Danube (Reprise)” :: Johann Strauss 03 “Nightclubbing” :: Iggy Pop 04 “Sailing By” :: Skim 05 “Predator (Main Theme)” :: Chris Holm 06 “Predator (Main Theme)” :: Alan Silvestri 07 “Mr Kirk’s Nightmare” :: 4Hero 08 “Highschool Massacre” :: Martin 09 “Tunnel” :: Biosphere 10 “Novelty Waves” :: Biosphere 11 “The Genaside Will Not Be Televised” :: Genaside II 12 “Satan. Omen. Death” :: DJ Schmolli 13 “Fatal” :: RZA 14 “Right On” :: Freestylers 15 “The Raiders March” :: John Williams 16 “Parade Of The Slave Children” :: John Williams 17 “Close Encounters Suite” :: John Williams 18 “Riot Reporter Beats” :: BristleKRS 19 “Jesse James” :: Ry Cooder 20 “Time Travel” :: Michael Andrews 21 “We Are The Trashbat” :: Nathan Barley & Teh Preacher 22 “Pantomime” :: John Morris 23 “Liquid Spear Waltz” :: Michael Andrews 24 “The Raiders March (Reprise)” :: John Williams 25 “Brown Girl In The Ring” :: Boney M 26 “Christian Militia” :: New Model Army 27 “The Third Man Theme” :: Anton Karas 28 “Edge Of Darkness (Main Theme)” :: Eric Clapton & Michael Kamen 29 “Countdown For Blofeld” :: John Barry 30 “Battle Without Honor Or Humanity” :: Tomayasu Hotei 31 “Dealing With The Roster” :: Junkie XL 32 “ORNI.mp3” :: [Unknown] 33 “Blues In The Net” :: Yoko Kanno 34 “The Dead Suite” :: John Harrison 35 “M1A1” :: Gorillaz Source list: 2001: A Space Odyssey // 24 Hour Party People // Absolute Power // Alien 3 // Aliens // Big Ben (St. Stephen's Tower clock) // Blade // Blade Trinity // Blue Peter // Brasseye: The Paedophile Special // Chopper // Citizen Kane // Close Encounters Of The Third Kind // Cock And Bull // Coogan's Run // Cool Hand Luke // Cracker // Croupier // Day Of The Dead // Dead Man's Shoes // Donnie Darko // Edge Of Darkness // The Elephant Man // Escape From LA // Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre // Field recording of big storm (19 August 2006) with Morvern Callar on in the background // Field recording from Mayday 2000, London (retrieved from YouTube) // Ghost In The Shell: SAC Solid State Society // Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom // Insomnia // Jason And The Argonauts // Kill Bill // The Long Riders // Malcolm X speech (retrieved from AmericanRhetoric.com) // Nathan Barley // The Omen // Patton // Predator // Radio 4 Shipping Forecast // Raiders Of The Lost Ark // Saxondale // Spaced // Strangers On A Train // The Third Man // Touching The Void // Trainspotting // Unknown radio or television reporter at unknown demonstration (possibly one of the Battles of Grosvenor Square, 3 July 1966, 20 October 1967, 17 March 1968 or 27 October 1968) (taken from excerpt on Noygomi tape compilation) // Various BBC sound effects // Various Columbine High School massacre 911 calls // You Only Live Twice // Zabriskie Point Also available at Axis Of Foley podcast page

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